Premiere Dance Academy

4616 Colorado Street, SE • Prior Lake, MN • (952)447-5788


Registration is NOW OPEN! Click here for our form!

How do I Register?

You can fill out the form and mail it to the studio, drop it off during office hours, or fill it out and scan and email to us. We accept credit cards, check, cash and paypal. Please use one form per dancer. Our hours vary throughout the summer, feel free to put registration between the front doors if we happen to be closed.

When will my classes be held?

We hold classes 6 days a week; Monday-Saturday. In January we start Dads and Dollz on Sunday evenings and registration for that is in the Fall. We create our schedule based on our enrollment. Why do we do this? This allows us to look at our registrations and build classes of similar ages and levels. We do our best to work around your conflicts and schedules and attempt to create a class time that is suited best for you. It also means that we never have to cancel our Full season classes as we only create classes that are full and that will be held!

When will I know my schedule?

We will send out schedules and information for the season in Mid-August. Classes run from September through May

What are the fees?

We have a $35 non-refundable registration fee, and a $40-45 costume deposit fee for each class you are enrolled in. After these fees the rest of your costume payment is pro-rated into your monthly tuition which you pay every month September-May. For more information on tuition rates please feel free to call us.

Are there additional fees?

Other fees would include shoes, tights, pictures (not required), Recital tickets, practice attire. Competition dancers have additional fees such as rhinestones, accessories, competition fees etc.

Additional Questions?

Please feel free to contact us at 952-447-5788 or